Remembering STRESS Victims

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In fewer than three years of operation, at least 19 people were killed by STRESS, and Detroit was named the city with the most policing killings of civilians in the nation. Three STRESS officers also died on the job during this period, and the total of 19 fatalities includes one law enforcement officer killed by a STRESS unit. In honor of the people whose lives were cut short due to the undercover plainclothes unit, we have included each of the victims' names, and are working to construct a collection of photographs, information, and annecdotes on how each person lived, before they were murdered by STRESS. We have also included a map detailing the deadly encounter that led to the deaths of each of the 19 Detroiters killed. 

Details on a few suspicious killings in Ramparts piece by Kohn

Remembering STRESS Victims

A list of people killed by on-duty STRESS officers in plain clothes, and STRESS officers who were killed on duty:

May 11, 1971: Herbert Childress

May 29, 1971: Clarence Manning

July 5, 1971: Horace Fennick

July 5, 1971: Howard Moore

July 14, 1971: James Smith

September 3, 1971: Louis Ellios

September 9, 1971: James Hendrickson

September 17, 1971: Ricardo Buck

September 17, 1971: Craig Mitchell

September 21, 1971: Donald Saunders

November 12, 1971: Silas Hudgins

November 13, 1971: Neil Bray

February 25, 1972: Everett Winfrey

March 9, 1972: Deputy Henry Henderson

March 14, 1972: Curtis McConnell

November 5, 1972: Anthony Odon

December 8, 1972: Durwood Forshee

March 3, 1973: Attorney Gerald Dent

October 2, 1973: Joan Davis (aka Jewel Gant)


STRESS officers killed on the job

August 26, 1971: Patrolman Frederick Hunter

December 8, 1972: Patrolman Gerald Riley

December 27, 1972: Patrolman Robert Bradford

Jewel Gant (Joan Davis?)



Detroit Free Press, Feb. 18, 1974

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