4. Climax: STRESS Means War

Socialist Workers Party Flyer, Spring 1972

Black Detroit activists united in opposing and abolishing STRESS. They challenged STRESS in the courts and in the streets. Many rallies and protests against STRESS occurred in 1972. From late 1972 top early 19732, the Detroit Police Department launched a fullscale manhunt in pursuit of Marcus, Hayward Brown, and John Boyd. The DPD ransacked Detroit's black community during this manhunt, damaging Detroiters' homes, threatening and brutalixzing Detroiters, and even shooting and killing innocent people.  This manhunt brought anti-STRESS activism to a frenzy, leading to even more demonstrations against STRESS. The Labor Defence Coalition teamed up with a number of activists to sue Mayor Roman Gribbs, the Detroit Police Department, and Wayne County Prosecutor Wi9lliam Cahalan  to abolish STRESS. They also defended Hayward Brown,  one of three suspects pursued by the Detroit Police during the manhunt.  STRESS was the dominant issue in the Detroit mayoral election of 1973. A number of victims of STRESS and DPD violence and their families received financial settlements in civil lawsuits in the years after STRESS.


Bring in the congressional inquiry into few black officers here, in 1973, or if not put it in the creation page

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