Curriculum Guides

The Policing and Social Justice HistoryLab is currently developing a Detroit Under Fire curriculum guide for high school classrooms in partnership with CEDER (Center for Education Desigh, Evaluation, & Research) at the University of Michigan. Please check back for these resources, which should be available by the end of summer 2021.

College and secondary school instructors are welcome to develop their own assignments and modules based on Detroit Under Fire, in particular by using the many original archival documents digitized throughout the exhibit. In addition, our project has designed for curricular purposes the five-part StoryMap series that compiles each section's maps and key research findings of police homicides, brutality, and misconduct. And the ongoing series of multimedia investigative reports drawn from the exhibit present this historical research in document-forward, less text-heavy ways and are ideal for classroom adoption.

If you do use the Detroit Under Fire exhibit or these supplemental storytelling products in a classroom (or research project), please consider sending an email with feedback, questions, or just a report of the usage to Professor Matt Lassiter, the project director, at 

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